About The Summit

Welcome to the3rd Process Development for Cell Therapies Summit!

This summit is an unparalleled event for the cell therapy field, serving as a pivotal hub that brings together technical leaders – process development, technical operations, CMC, MSAT, and more – with the aim to streamline end-to-end process development and manufacture effective, safe, and consistent autologous and allogeneic cell therapy products.  

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Enforce an effective control strategy during early development, incorporating Quality by Design principles, to guarantee a robust and consistently successful process with Quell Therapeutics & Lyell Immunopharma

Optimize the quality of cellular starting material seamlessly and reconcile the transition from health donor to patient material with precision, to ensure a reliable downstream process with Century Therapeutics & Immatics 

Introduce post-IND process enhancements with finesse, showcasing comparability successfully and elevating the performance and quality of the final product with 2seventy bio & ArsenalBio

Advance towards increasingly automated and closed manufacturing processes to reduce manual intervention, improve product quality, and reduce costs with Beam Therapeutics & Imugene 

Enhance process scale-out and scale-up to facilitate the manufacture of autologous and allogeneic cell therapies at both clinical and commercial scale with Be Biopharma & ImmuneBridge  

Conquer downstream processing challenges comprehensively, addressing all facets of fill-finish including visual inspection and cryopreservation, to maximize product safety and efficacy with Caribou Biosciences & Tr1X  

Testimonials from Past Attendees:

“The organizers were phenomenal, very helpful and resourceful. The entire conference was amazing and the interactions that resulted was outstanding.”

Vor Bio Reports First Quarter 2023 Financial Results and

–  Cell & Gene Therapy Specialist, VOR Biopharma

The ability to talk to leaders in the industry was awesome. Great time for networking and learning new ways of approaching some of our current problems in the industry.

Inceptor Bio | Sponsor - Road to 2021

- Process Development Engineer, Inceptor Bio  

“It was hyper specific to our industry which is hard to find at other conferences. Super helpful and the hosts were amazing.


- Senior Associate Scientist, Bluebird Bio  

Being around other professionals in the process development space was exciting and informative. Realizing we are all dealing with similar issues was helpful and I would love to attend next year and see what progress people have made.”

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- Senior Associate Scientist, Process Development, Sonoma Biotherapeutics