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Cell Therapies Summit

With the ‘process being the product’ cell therapy developers prioritize and heavily invest in refining their process development practices. 

Prominent biopharma companies in attendance are actively seeking out suppliers for raw materials, automated manufacturing platforms, enhanced bioreactor capabilities, improved fill-finish solutions, and more. Their goal being is to upscale production and elevate the quality and efficiency of their products.  

Position yourself as a pioneer of innovation and a service provider of choice by partnering with the 3rd Process Development for Cell Therapies Summit. This event provides a prime opportunity to network with technical leaders and decision-makers in the cell therapy field, fostering new business relationships in 2024.  

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Why Partner With Us?

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Position Yourself as an Industry Expert: Seize the opportunity to position yourself as a recognized authority within the market, captivating key decision makers. Sharing your expertise at the summit allows you to solidify your standing as a trusted leader in the field. 

Expand Brand Awareness: Extend your influence to new clients, customers, and businesses by leveraging unique branding opportunities before and during the conference. Utilize our platform to boost your visibility, creating a memorable impact that resonates with your target audience. 

Connect and Collaborate with Technical Leaders: Engage with a vibrant community of professionals in process development, tech ops, CMC, and MSAT, all eager to explore effective strategies for advancing cell therapy processes. Leverage one-to-one meetings and networking opportunities to establish meaningful connections, cultivating a robust pipeline of potential leads for 2024 and beyond. 

Uncover Market Insights: Acquire invaluable insights into the solutions and services that biopharma companies will invest in for the large-scale production of cell therapies in 2024. Armed with this market intelligence, align your offerings to meet the evolving needs of the industry, staying ahead of the curve.